Startup Product Development

The Startup Product Development is a dedicated service offering by iTool Solutions focused towards assisting startup organizations to turn their innovative ideas into profitable products.

The Product Development activity is designed as a strategic process which further drills down into steps as detailed below. The agile methodology is inherent to the complete process and is ensured at each step of the product development process to incorporate the effect of today’s changing business environment.

Step 1. Market Research & Idea Validation
Once we receive a new product development idea, our team of market researchers does a thorough job in gathering information with regards to the product idea and its feasibility. The activity usually takes 2-4 weeks depending upon the product idea and scope of the target market. Based on the findings of the research, iTool Solution’s Analysts recommend the best way forward for the product idea.

Step 2. Ideation & Brainstorming
Next step after validating the product idea is to brainstorm and ideate the scope of the product. This step involves drilling down to the last detail and listing down all features in detail. A team of expert product designers, business analysts and industry experts sit together with the stakeholders from the client side and brainstorm on the detailed specifics of the product idea. The nitty-gritty of the product is brainstormed during this step. This is the step where the product’s core objective is identified along with the expectations from the end result.

Outcome of this step is a specification document with details on the features of the prototype for the next step in the process.

Step 3. Prototype Development
In this step of Product Development, a prototype of the actual product is developed for putting the product idea to test and realizing its feasibility in real-time business environment. The original team of business analyst, product designer work along with product developer to bring the product idea to life.

Step 4. Prototype User Testing
Once the prototype is developed, it is put through a thorough testing process by the iTool Solutions Quality Team. The testing team identifies and logs the issues and the same are fixed by the development team. Once again the product goes through a thorough testing and once cleared, it is put in the actual user environment for live testing.

This step involves bringing together a focus user team who test the product from the real-time scenarios. Post this the issues identified in the product are captured and shared with the business analysts to recommend modifications to the product to ensure the identified issues are addressed.

Step 5. Product Development
Upon completion of Prototype Testing, the next step is to develop the complete Product. The Prototype development & testing ensures there are lesser roadblocks in the complete product development.

A team of analysts, developers, designers and testing engineers is deployed to develop the product. The complete process follows the agile methodology to ensure the changing business requirements are taken into account during the product development.

Step 6. Product UAT
Upon completion of the product development, the product is passed on to iTool Solutions’ quality engineers for user acceptance testing. Once the product is thoroughly tested and passed by the Quality team, it is delivered to the client for product launch.

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