Our latest project

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Web Development
Project Details
  • An Intuitive & Real-Time Mobile Solution to track vehicles having a specific GPS device tracking device installed in the vehicles
  • Tracks and shows real time vehicle moving data and playback data.
  • Generates and tracks real-time commands and reports.
Analytics & Reports
  • Allow the user to track their vehicles from the mobile device from anywhere.
  • Review history of vehicle travel upto last 30 days.
  • Generate reports on distance travel, stoppages, etc.

Our portfolio

Global GPS
An intuitive app for Android & iOS platform for tracking and monitoring the goods movement.
A Real-Time App on Android and iOS Platforms to help track & monitor the movement of goods.
Jaykar Pro
A close network mobile application that resides on the android phones of the employees and performs task management of the company’s employees.
Marudhar Cup
Get Live updates of Marudhar Cup on your android device via this application along with details of the matches, players and so on.