Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is a critical function in an organization in today’s competitive industry landscape. Quality being treated as an inherent criteria by the customer of this era, it is imperative to nurture the Quality processes in the organization.

iTool Solutions can assist your organization in building Quality Assurance or QA as an integral process by setting up an in-house QA lab or help set up managed QA centers which are maintained by iTool Solutions. In the in-house QA Lab, we can help set up the processes and handover the QA center to be managed by your team internally.

Are you launching a new enterprise mobile application or a mobile application for your end customer? We can help you set up a QA lab to ensure the app is thoroughly tested before the market launch.There are many more ways we can explore and help your business grow with iTool Solutions’ Quality Assurance services.

Our Offerings
  1. Quality Assurance Assessment & Consulting
    In iTool Solutions’ QA Assessment & Consulting Practice, we deep dive into your organization’s existing quality processes. We assess the current state thoroughly and recommend the strategic plan for both short-term as well as long-term. Based on your business objectives and requirements, we recommend the next steps, which could include setting up a managed QA Lab handled by iTool Solutions or setting up a dedicated QA Center of Excellence to be managed in-house or a combination of both spread over a time period.
  2. Managed QA Labs
    iTool Solutions assists your organization in setting up a Managed Quality Assurance Lab which implies the Lab is run and managed by iTool Solutions but it is dedicated for your organization’s processes and requirements.This could be a suitable scenario for streamlining the Quality Assurance Processes in the organization or a one-time product testing lab.
  3. In-house QA Center of Excellence
    iTool Solutions can help set up a QA Center of Excellence within your organization and managed by the organization in-house. Quality Assurance experts at iTool Solutions set up the processes, streamline the operations and handover the lab for in-house management. This is suitable if your organization has ongoing requirement for product testing and internal processes’ quality reviews.

We, at iTool Solutions, recommend the best solution for your organization and help the enterprise be at par with the industry standards when it comes to Quality Assurance. Talk to the experts today to explore more.